Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Web comic

i've been working with a friend on starting a web comic, all visuals are on me and the story is on him. I told him i wanted to try making 3d models and then posing them for the comic because i'm not very consistent at illustrating and to build up a bit of 3d experience and work examples. His only requirement is that he wants it to look flat so i'm going to learn how to use ink 'n paint and create a nice look for the comic.

So right now i have part of the base model for the main character, i mean he needs ears and hair and clothes, probably some more personality in the features. Also the eye/brow area looks a bit odd to me still. I need to look more at the wireframe i'm not sure how "correct" and efficient it is. I'm not using orthos because i didn't feel like it. in other news i ordered and intous4 and want to enter 11second club for this month (as soon as i get over my lipsync/2d inability, and get back from south carolina)


  1. Does this character come from your head, or is he/she modeled off of a person you've encountered? (JUst curious)

  2. from my head, just combining ppl i know plus looking at guys on the internet to make sure i don't feminize.