Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plumbago Portraits

Hello there.
I've been doing some small portrait drawings. I have decided to fill a moleskin with a person a page this summer, these are a first few. They are graphite, two to four 1/2  inches in height.

(Portrait miniatures: Intended originally to celebrate romance or mourn the dead. Usually accompanied with ornamental hair of the beloved/deceased. Let me know if you think I should collect hair to go with these portraits.)


  1. I think I said this to you, but these are wonderful. I think they look better in person than they do on the computer. Collecting hair sounds seems like a good idea, as well. I will gladly give you some of my hair to go with my portrait.

  2. yay portraits, they are sooo tiny, i like the ones of your parents they seem the most emotionally connected, or liek having a presence of a person with in the drawing

  3. Nice! I like them all, but perhaps especially the girl with the flowers in her hair.