Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Steam-punk WIP Day 3

Day 3 of Steam-Punk project... Didn't get to do as much today as I wanted... I actually didn't wake up till 4PM soooo it's obvious to draw conclusions that I'm pretty spacey with around 13 hours of sleep the night before... ANYWHO I did get to work on the furnace finally... I'm still working on how to add a coal pile... I dunno... that's going to be a problem solving event, if you have ANY suggestions please tell me... I think the Chair is pretty much done... I am going to have to add a power line from the [yet to be created] power source to the chair but other than that I think I'm sticking with it as is...

PLEASE give me any critique/ideas you got for me!
It's probably only my current state of mind... but I feel like I'm running out of steam... HAH! STEAM! ya... I'm pretty wiped out...

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  1. If you're looking for things to add, it would be reasonable to have some plumbing or ventilation for the furnace. All furnaces have at least a shaft for smoke to escape, and since this is steampunk there should be a pipe for water intake and steam outtake aswell. Also, because it is fictional, you can add as many knobs, levers, pipes, joints, vents, etc. as you please.