Friday, April 17, 2009

Initial Contact

A note to everyone,
I've set up this blog as a way for us all to communicate and stay motivated about our work over the summer. I want us to use this page as a public forum to post our summer art, and in turn, critique and encourage one another. The function of this blog depends on all of the authors, so I'm counting on everyone to post work when they have it and comment on others' work when it goes up. Hopefully, though encouragement and critique, we can make all of our summers more productive than they would be otherwise.
Anyway, I think this should be super-fun, soooooooo.....GO! GO AHEAD AND MAKE SOME SUMMER ART TO POST!
Also, I'm aware that it's not quite summer yet, but you should feel free to post whatever you're working on right now for finals. It's never too soon to start encouraging each other.

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